Many people feel they should not fight their charges.  They assume they are guilty because a police officer, a breath alcohol machine, or a lawyer has told them they are guilty.  Many innocent people are led to believe they cannot win their DWI/DUI cases. The machines and the people operating them are far from perfect, allowing our attorneys to argue the best defenses for people just like you.  Let our lawyers present your best defense. When it’s serious… Contact us.


Arkansas DWI & DUI Attorneys

Our Arkansas attorneys are devoted to giving the best defense to those arrested for DWI, DUI, DWI Drugs, and Negligent Homicide.  If you or a loved one has been arrested for drunk driving in Arkansas, you probably know the penalties can be harsh.  We have earned our reputation as defense attorneys dedicated to providing the best quality representation. Our small but mighty firm succeeds by recognizing clients as people, not profits or problems. This means we work with you one-on-one to build a solid defense for even the most serious charges.

DWI cases are scary to face alone, but who can you trust to represent your best interests? We work hard to earn your confidence by keeping you informed throughout the process, discussing your options at length, and making sure you understand and approve every step we take in your case.

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Distinctions related to DWI

A sampling of awards and certificates related to drunk or drugged driving defense:  Client Distinction Award from AVVO and maintain a superb rating;  Voted Best or the Best Attorneys; Super Lawyers Rising Star, and many others.  We have attended some of the most advanced courses in the nation, including SFST training, Mastering Scientific Evidence, completing the Intensive DWI workshop taught at Harvard Law School, and being the first in the State to attend the Hands-on Forensic Chromotography Course at Axion Labs.


In Arkansas, State law prevents prosecutors from reducing or dismissing DWIs. Your only choice is to plead guilty or go to trial. Our attorneys fight DWIs! Through our many successes, we have determined that achieving a victory at trial often comes down to thoroughness, preparedness, and negotiating from a position of strength and power.

We carefully screen cases to identify which ones need to go to trial. If our attorneys don’t see any issues that give you a chance to win, then they will inform you before taking your case. We do not take cases to plead. We take cases to win.


The punishment from Arkansas Courts (for a first offense) includes a fine ranging from $150-1000, 24 hrs-1 year in jail, alcohol education, MADD class, 6 month DL suspension, a reinstatement fee, and having an interlock on your car.

The largest costs are future employability and higher insurance rates. Many jobs will not keep or hire someone with a DWI. It is best to call today and discuss what your case means to you.

Arrested for DWI, What Now?

You or a loved one has been arrested for an alcohol or drug related crime but don’t know what to do.  

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COLLINS, COLLINS & RAY handles DWI cases all over the State of Arkansas. Our DWI DUI attorneys have successfully defended people charged with impaired driving from Texarkana to West Memphis.  

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Does an officer have to read you your rights during a DWI arrest?  Find out the answer by checking out our FAQ.


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