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Simultaneous Possession Of Drugs and Firearms in Arkansas

We’ve had numerous calls regarding the Arkansas law surrounding a simultaneous charge of possession of drugs and firearms. Many want to know the answers to two main questions: what is the law/what are the penalties upon conviction and what defenses do I have if I am...

Hand Sanitizer and False Positive BAC Readings

How often do you use hand sanitizer? Some new studies are cautioning those whose use the substance on a regular basis that it could result in a false positive blood alcohol reading. Just how much hand sanitizer do you have to use for it to impact a BAC test? One study...

Drug Convictions and Federal Student Aid

Drug convictions, regardless of the severity, can affect your ability to qualify for federal student aid. This means that any drug convictions, ranging from a misdemeanor possession to felony possession with purpose to distribute, can limit your access to aid. How...

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