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The best way to beat a drug possession charge is to negotiate from a position of power, knowledge and, most of all, experience. The team at Collins, Collins & Ray, P.A. have represented people with varying degrees of drug charges for almost 20 years. From one gram of illegal marijuana in someone’s pocket to a full ton of cocaine concealed in a tractor-trailer, we have seen it all and are adept at representing one-time users or those with a history of charges. Our experience extends to both state and federal courts and we have ample experience dealing with all manner of law enforcement investigators such as the DEA, ATF, and FBI, and the local sheriffs’ offices.

If you have been arrested, let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you! Contact our drug possession lawyers in Little Rock now!

Arkansas Drug Law

Under Arkansas law, illegal controlled substances include not just the well-known drugs like marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin but can include mushrooms, ecstasy, oxycontin, MDMA, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, valium, benzodiazepines, roxy, adderall, clonazepam, and other prescription drugs—all of which our attorneys have handled in various Arkansas drug possession cases.
Drugs are classified into schedules I-VI based on their dependency level, addictiveness, and possible medical use. The higher the schedule, the more severe the penalty for a felony or misdemeanor. The distinction between felonies and misdemeanors will depend upon the quantity as well as the schedule of illegal substance found.

Penalties for Felony Drug Possession in Arkansas

A felony can carry significantly higher penalties than a misdemeanor due to its larger fines and time carried out in a prison within the Department of Corrections. Other penalties include loss of basic rights such as the right to vote, to possess a firearm, or to sit on a jury.

Time in Prison Fines
Class Y Felony 10-40 years or life in prison Fine amount is decided by the court
Class A Felony 6-30 years Up to $15,000
Class B Felony 5-20 years Up to $15,000
Class C Felony 3-10 years Up to $10,000
Class D Felony Up to 6 years Up to $10,000

Penalties for Misdemeanor Drug Possession in Arkansas

A misdemeanor is less severe than a felony but can still pose a major problem due to the possibility of substantial time spent in the county jail.

Time in Jail Fines
Class A Misdemeanor Up to one year Up to $2,500
Class B Misdemeanor Up to 90 days Up to $1,000
Class C Misdemeanor Up to 30 days Up to $500

All drug convictions, misdemeanor or felony, result in a six month driver’s license suspension regardless of whether the drugs that you were accused of possessing were found in the car.

How an Arkansas Drug Attorney Can Help

It can be frightening to go about drug possession cases on your own, which is why you need an experienced drug attorney to stand behind you. At Collins, Collins & Ray, P.A. we have helped countless people in Arkansas keep their license, stay out of jail, and avoid the harsh legal and extralegal consequences of one small mistake.

We will explore all possible defenses of your drug case. During our extensive legal investigations, we take painstaking care to pore over the drug recognition expert’s evaluation and police reports to look for mistakes and whether or not your rights were upheld. Our attention to detail allows us to hone in on the facts that make a difference in the outcome of your case.

Drug Possession Defenses

  • The drugs in question might not actually belong to the defendant.
  • The defendant was not aware that the drugs were even in their possession—for example, if the drugs were concealed without their knowledge in their backpack or car.
  • There was an issue with law enforcement’s handling of the case.
  • The police did not have a valid reason to search the defendant or pull them over. Therefore, the evidence gathered may be inadmissible.
  • The statements and confessions were obtained through coercion.

Only an experienced criminal defense attorney like those at Collins, Collins & Ray, P.A. can choose the correct strategic defense for your situation, giving you the best chances for deferral, dismissal, or lesser charges. We will even take your case to trial to avoid a conviction so that you can move on with your life after this ordeal. Our drug possession attorneys have a reputation for being aggressive litigators in the courtroom and, with hundreds of hours of courtroom experience, we can provide uncompromising legal representation.

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